It Figures

A series of Life Drawings from Rosedale School of the Arts.
It Figures is at Norman Felix until June 3
One gallery visitor who came to the show wrote a very thoughtful review of the exhibit… read some of his kind words below.

“Couldn’t miss the It Figures life-drawings show—it was great last year—so once again

here I am in a downtown Toronto gallery surrounded by a select group of life studies.
This is the intersection of Conté, Sienna, black, white, and paper on the one hand with, on
the other, bodies and spirit. The mechanics of form, in other words, with the facts of life.
Artifact, life…”
itfigures2 (2)
“As we age, our bodies tell deeper stories. Bodies are marked with overlaps, slits,
wrinkles. For her part the artist must defile the model in order make art: defile
means both “narrow passage” and “desecration.” In the deep shadows of our fleshtunnels
are pleasure, transgression, and the possibility of being human.
We are cut, and so defined. To draw out the human is to shadow, and so to articulate.
Articulation, after all, is the little spaces between larger entities: the little spaces that
give meaning by providing contrast…”
itfigures2 (1)
“I can’t help but note the minor differences in ascription concerning what it is the models
are actually doing as they are “captured.” The physical attitude of the horizontal body
is variously described, for example, as relaxed, resting, and reclining. In any case
the model, perforce, gives her- or himself over to the hands of the artist, and as
with Reiki massage the body remains both untouched and touched. It is perhaps in
repose that the model surrenders most fully till given a new liberty in the artwork
itself. Who knows what happens in the gallery after hours? But clearly these bodies
have plenty of energy, and almost anything could happen.”
-David Ker Thomson
Beautiful words for a beautiful show. Come to Norman Felix Art Gallery @ 627 Queen Street West 

David Nardi

David creates his work with a 4×5 film camera.  The result is extremely detailed and vibrant images of our beautiful surroundings, while learning about the significance and fragility of nature.

“I have dabbled in many media from painting and sculpting to drawing and woodworking.  My interest in photography developed during my first two years of college while studying Classical Animation at Sheridan College.  The following year I decided to pursue photography in selected workshops at Ontario College of Art and Design.  Combining this education with a lot of self study and devotion to the craft I have committed myself to becoming a lifetime nature photographer.  My focus is to capture, learn and teach about the visual complexity and beauty of our planet.”


Title: Medicine Lake

Join us at Norman Felix Gallery for Contact 2013, Friday May 10th!

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Mary Perdue

“ I am dedicated to producing the highest quality and most esthetically pleasing fine art photographs and digital paintings. I specialize in documentary and studio photographs of people, pets (as photographs or digital paintings), and images of nature / landscapes”.


“ I developed images from film in the darkroom; now I work exclusively with digital cameras and “develop” images in the computer. My expertise has come from multiple courses and workshops taken over the years at the Ontario College of Art and Design, Ryerson University, Toronto School of Art, Niagara School of Imaging, etc.”

w_mary_perdue_Jeans in the Window_12x11

Title: Jeans in the Window


Join us at Norman Felix Gallery for Contact 2013, Friday May 10th!

Please click this link to RSVP and guarantee admission to the event.


Should the link not work, please RSVP by emailing

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The Norman Felix “Red Carpet”

Welcome to Norman Felix Gallery’s brand new blog!

We are a Toronto-based art gallery and management agency, as well as a creative haven for artists and art lovers alike. We are located at 627 Queen Street West in Toronto, Ontario. The beginning of 2012 has been an exciting time of growth, evolution, and expansion for the gallery, and we want to share our journey with you!

Norman Felix’s new space at Six20Seven Queen Street West

Norman Felix is a space run by people who are truly passionate about art, and understand the creative process (two of whom are artists themselves!) We believe in supporting emerging as well as established talent, and have dedicated ourselves to promoting Canadian artists. This is a competitive field, so we aim to help our artists master the business side of the art industry, in order to make the most of their talent and creativity.

The gallery maintains a hand-picked collection of original Canadian artwork, which ranges from elegant abstract paintings to breathtaking photography and skillfully rendered contemporary illustrations. We are a juried gallery, but we encourage ambitious and dedicated artists to submit their work to us because we are always on the lookout for new talent!

Norman Felix Gallery was first established by Erin Bittschwan, a business whiz from an artistic family whose love for art and penchant for business fuelled the creation of Norman Felix Gallery in 2006. Initially operating out of a 300 sq foot room on Spadina that would later become the gallery’s storage area, Erin began by managing her sister Nyoka’s artwork. Other artists started requesting Erin’s services, and eventually the first Norman Felix gallery showroom opened at 192 Spadina Avenue.

Erin Bittschwan, Gallery Director

Since then, the gallery continued to gain momentum, and recently outgrew its Spadina location. In autumn of 2011, we moved to a beautiful new storefront location on Queen Street West (at Bathurst). In collaboration with Gallery C-C, Creatures Creating, Footage Entertainment, and BodyBeautyMind, Norman Felix has established a multi-faceted creative space where local talent thrives. This collective is called Six20Seven. Our first opening reception at Six20Seven took place in December, for our annual Holiday show Delight 2011. It was a resounding success, and a promising beacon of many exciting events yet to come.

Delight 2011 Opening Reception @ Norman Felix Gallery

Our vision for the future is simple: we aim to continue to showcase amazing artists, put on fabulous shows, and deliver a powerful viewing experience to a diverse variety of tastes. This blog will document our progress, sources of inspiration, and reflections upon notable events and achievements in the Toronto arts community. Check back often for updates!

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