SUPERSKETCH/ Jumper 2013 for NXNE

We invite you to a very special event and reception at Norman Felix Gallery. As a part of NXNE Art,  Norman Felix Gallery and artist and curator Sarah Elminshawi present ¡SUPER SKETCH!  Wednesday June 12th, 7-11pm.



“Super Sketch, the live art and music event that has taken Asia by storm, comes to Toronto! This exciting music and art mash-up created by founding art and music events collaborative SUPERCOLORSUPER makes its way to North America from South Korea for the first time. We are proud to be a destination for the North By Northeast music festival as it expands its dynamic reach by celebrating the exciting arts and music scene in Canada.”


Free with NXNE wristband

Buy in advance at Norman Felix Gallery @627QueenWest  $10

Buy in advance online for $15


See you there ! Save the date , June 12, 2013 !


It Figures

A series of Life Drawings from Rosedale School of the Arts.
It Figures is at Norman Felix until June 3
One gallery visitor who came to the show wrote a very thoughtful review of the exhibit… read some of his kind words below.

“Couldn’t miss the It Figures life-drawings show—it was great last year—so once again

here I am in a downtown Toronto gallery surrounded by a select group of life studies.
This is the intersection of Conté, Sienna, black, white, and paper on the one hand with, on
the other, bodies and spirit. The mechanics of form, in other words, with the facts of life.
Artifact, life…”
itfigures2 (2)
“As we age, our bodies tell deeper stories. Bodies are marked with overlaps, slits,
wrinkles. For her part the artist must defile the model in order make art: defile
means both “narrow passage” and “desecration.” In the deep shadows of our fleshtunnels
are pleasure, transgression, and the possibility of being human.
We are cut, and so defined. To draw out the human is to shadow, and so to articulate.
Articulation, after all, is the little spaces between larger entities: the little spaces that
give meaning by providing contrast…”
itfigures2 (1)
“I can’t help but note the minor differences in ascription concerning what it is the models
are actually doing as they are “captured.” The physical attitude of the horizontal body
is variously described, for example, as relaxed, resting, and reclining. In any case
the model, perforce, gives her- or himself over to the hands of the artist, and as
with Reiki massage the body remains both untouched and touched. It is perhaps in
repose that the model surrenders most fully till given a new liberty in the artwork
itself. Who knows what happens in the gallery after hours? But clearly these bodies
have plenty of energy, and almost anything could happen.”
-David Ker Thomson
Beautiful words for a beautiful show. Come to Norman Felix Art Gallery @ 627 Queen Street West 

Five N’ Dime Pop up @627 Queen Street West !

Tomorrow is the first day of an exciting pop up taking place at the gallery !


Five N’ Dime Pop Up has clothing, shoes, and accessories for those thrifty, and trendy people ! NOTHING IS OVER $20!


So, if you’re looking to add some cool pieces to that summer wardrobe, there is no where else to be but cruising in the Queen street west neighbourhood !


An Exciting Collaboration for Norman Felix – Jumper 2013 + NXNE Art

This year’s annual Norman Felix Jumper is collaborating with NXNE Art !

This is an exciting event, as it is also art, and a musical event with live music in the space !


Wednesday, June 12, 2013 is the reception date, and all the fun for NXNE Art will be taking place that night from 6-11pm !


Stay tuned for more information !

Seniors Expressions #Contact2013 Continues

Our Contact reception for Norman Felix Field of Vision last Friday was such a great time! Beautiful Photography and beautiful people. We still have some wonderful pieces available and are currently taking appointments with buyers, as well as any businesses interested in our ArtStop program. Connect with us at
Now we are about to welcome our third Contact Photography Festival show into the space!
” Seniors Expressions is a community photography project organized by University Settlement and funded by the Government of Canada’s New Horizon for Seniors program. It provides an opportunity for seniors to share their rich and vibrant life stories and have their images captured as lasting memories. This exhibition showcases the oral histories of seniors in the Grange community, portraits of the participants, and a community photographic mosaic.

Curated by Hello Foto Inc.”
Hope to see you at Norman Felix Gallery soon!


Pete Kasprzak

Cityscapes and urban life are the focus of Kasprzaks work. His innovative technique and contemporary vision bring his dark images to life.   

“As an artist, I am inspired by the city’s nightlife. Sometimes it seems that my day begins when the sun goes down. The sounds, the people and the action of nighttime in the city bring me to life. This gives me the energy to create my art, my passion.”


Title: San Fran Trolley


Join us at Norman Felix Gallery for Contact 2013, Friday May 10th!

Please click this link to RSVP and guarantee admission to the event.


Should the link not work, please RSVP by emailing

See Facebook event here.

Jeff Turner

“I see the world in snapshots. Gathering snippets of time that will never happen the same way again. Compulsively drawing a rectangle around most things I see. Trying to take the ordinary and making it extraordinary. Photography on film started it. Creating sculptures with light and shadow. Capturing images from life onto film and paper. This magical process has had its way to me over the years, now giving me the instant gratification that is digital photography. It fills me with a sense of accomplishment and giving back to the world. It’s my vehicle for translating my rectangle vision into an image to evoke an emotional response.”


Title: Bath

Join us at Norman Felix Gallery for Contact 2013, Friday May 10th!

Please click this link to RSVP and guarantee admission to the event.

Should the link not work, please RSVP by emailing

See Facebook event here.