Richard Bornemann

“I create images of architecture that are extraordinary in their minimalism and simplicity. They are composed of everyday objects: doors, stairs,  windows, etc”.

“Each composition contains a solitary scale giving element. These allow the viewer to establish an understanding and relationship to the proportions of the space depicted. These human use items also draw the viewer in to the image, as a participant.
In keeping with the stark simplicity of the compositions, all ornament and decoration have been eliminated.
The images are pregnant with potential: one wonders what lies beyond the bounds of the space, what action is about to unfold.
The pictures are brilliantly hued and filled with a radiant light.
Delicate shadings and gradations of color play across surfaces to amplify the simplicity of their surroundings.
The resulting spaces depicted are spare but profound, compact yet expansive”.
Title: Sliced Stair

Join us at Norman Felix Gallery for Contact 2013, Friday May 10th!

Please click this link to RSVP and guarantee admission to the event.


Should the link not work, please RSVP by emailing

See Facebook event here.


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