Independent Jewelry Market at Six20Seven


Six20Seven Queen Street West

On the main floor of Six20Seven, Creatures Creating is currently hosting an Indie Jewelry Market to showcase the unique work of independent jewellers from in and around Toronto. Many of the displays feature one-of-a-kind items such as recycled antiques, precious stones, and carved wooden pendants.

Hip Cricket

The show’s reception, held on ­­­­­January 26th 2012, received positive attention and a great turnout of guests. Attendees had the pleasure of mingling with featured jewellers and spent the night enjoying wonderful art, music, and refreshments.

Fierce Deer Designs

The collection from Fierce Deer Designs by Kate Swan has attracted a significant amount of interest. Her unique metal pendants feature charming shapes such as feathers, unicycles, postcards, and keys, crafted with lovely details. She also creates necklaces using naturally shed deer antlers. Each cruelty-free antler pendant is entirely unique, and possesses a natural appeal. These are a universal favourite, for their sensual simplicity and raw beauty.

Fierce Deer Designs - Naturally Shed Antler Necklaces

Fierce Deer Designs

Our very own Norman Felix Artist, Jackie Thinel, is showcasing her elegant earring collection. Each long, dangling set is made from fine leather and eye-catching beads. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Nava Haus offers a quirky collection of necklaces with colourful skull and diamond-shaped pendants.

Earrings by Jackie Thinel

Crux and Luna uses exotic materials such as onyx, jade, bismuth crystal, and quartz in their necklace pendants. These are shaped into cubes, fangs, skulls, spheres, and other eye-catching geometric shapes. One of my favourite pieces of theirs is a simple gold acorn hung on a triple chain.

Crux and Luna

Crux and Luna - Bismuth Crystal Necklaces

You may have already heard of talented young Toronto custom jeweller Cameron Alexander (Cameron Shahbazi), who was featured in this month’s issue of Grand Magazine. A number of his elegant pieces are on display at the jewelry market, most notably a decadent amethyst necklace and several beaded sterling silver bracelets. Cameron’s love of beauty is visibly apparent in his work, which is impeccably designed and crafted.

Cameron Alexander

Luxurious jewelry by Diane Victoria features striking gemstones, pearls, fossils, and antique wood salvaged from a shipwreck that occurred more than a hundred years ago. Her pieces are delightfully whimsical, many of them fanciful enough to belong in a fairytale.

Diane Victoria

The intricately crafted earrings, necklaces, and pendants by Hip Cricket feature semiprecious stones and delicate accents. The collection offers a variety of lovely statement pieces. Beaded bracelets with subtle skull motifs stand out in an chic tribal-inspired collection by FortyFourohtwo.

Hip Cricket

And of course we can’t neglect Toveren (the Dutch term meaning “to practice witchcraft”). Their handcrafted pieces are bewitching intersections of leather, metal, crystal, and sometimes bone, the very embodiment of elegance with an edge.

Toveren bracelets - image from Toveren website

A further list of noteworthy jewellers participating in the Jewelry Market includes: Aux Contraire, Raven & Pearl, Andrea Nellis, and Jewelry by Jaylen. We encourage you to come by and select a piece for yourself or for your special someone before the market comes to a close on Valentine’s Day!

Fierce Deer Designs

Diane Victoria

Fierce Deer Designs

Diane Victoria


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